Overall wellness of our clients drives our passion in "Taking services to the clients"

Services are tailored to meet the specific needs of individuals, groups and families.

Our professionally licensed interdisciplinary team of clinicians provide array of quality clinical services, choosing most effective clinical interventions in addressing the needs of our clients. The Overall wellness of our clients drives our passion in “Taking services to the clients”.

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We provide a full range of employment opportunities to helps us expand our ever growing family of qualified professionals.

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Our Goal

The primary goal of Hebron House, Inc. is to provide within the community, a continuum of evidence based, medically necessary and culturally sensitive mental health services...

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Our Mission

The Mission of Hebron House, Inc. is to promote excellent health and wellness of individuals, families and the community through provision of quality services...

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Our Vision

Our vision is to build and maintain a reputation of service integrity, through qualitative service delivery, utmost care, respect and courtesy to clients...

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